Here lies Benntoo

I pitched the idea to Grayson - a way to donate money that made it less intimidating to make monthly donations to charity - in the fall of 2015. I wanted to just spend 60 bucks a month and help out the ever-changing roster of nonprofits I felt needed my support. Grayson was on board, and the first commit was pushed on January 3, 2016, which consisted solely of the MEAN boilerplate - Mongo, Express, Angular, Node. At the time, neither of us had done web development, and learning only one language instead of the 3+ it would have taken to build a proper stack seemed like the way to go.

Over the next three years, we changed names, got a lawyer, got fed up with an opaque stack that hid away critical details, decided to write tests, switched backend languages, switched frontend languages, switched paradigms, architected systems, and did a lot of engineering and product work that I feel we were both really proud of, even if we were a little inexperienced on the business side of things (and suffered accordingly).

We're keeping the domain around to serve this page up as a memorial. Without these efforts, neither of us would have the jobs or skills we do now. We didn't become millionaires, but we pulled back the veil of capitalism for ourselves and found that it took the right cocktail of luck, wit, and drive that maybe at the time wasn't quite what we had - but still found it to be a worthwhile experience.

Thanks for reading, and happy hacking.